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Nate's Notes investment newsletter features best stock picks and stocks to buy now

Since 1995, Editor Nate Pile has been sharing his ideas about the stock market and investing with individual investors around the world… and over the course of the past 29 years, his flagship newsletter (Nate’s Notes) has quietly become one of the top performing investment newsletters in the country.

In fact, out of the literally thousands of “investment advisory services” that have sprung into existence over the past two decades thanks to the ease of publishing in the digital era, Nate’s Notes is one of just a handful of them that can actually say it has held the #1 ranking for performance over one-, three-, five-, ten-, fifteen-, and twenty-year periods at various points in time according to Mark Hulbert at HulbertRatings.com, and we hope you will take some time to verify this claim on his site when stacking our product up against any others you may be thinking about spending your hard-earned money on!


Not only have the Nate’s Notes Model and Aggressive Portfolios managed to outperform the Dow Jones Industrial Average by 11-to-1 and 45-to-1 margins, respectively, over the course of their existence, they have generated these returns by taking a sensible, long-term approach to investing that generally only involves making trades once a month.

That’s right – unlike many other advisory services that require their subscribers to make trades several times a week (or even every day!) in order to follow “the system,” Nate’s Notes is written specifically for individual investors who understand the importance of taking a longer-term approach to investing and would rather not be forced to spend every waking moment thinking about their portfolios.

To be sure, taking a deliberate, long-term approach to growing your wealth in the stock market probably isn’t anywhere near as exciting as the world of short-term trading can sometimes be, but let’s be honest – is your nest egg meant to be a thrill ride… or something a little more serious and practical?


Given Mr. Pile’s background, it should come as no surprise that a number of the newsletter’s most successful recommendations have come from the biotech and high-tech industries. Adjusted for splits, Nate’s Notes got into Apple (AAPL) for less than $0.25 per share, Celgene (CELG) for less than $0.50 per share (later purchased by Bristol-Myers Squibb), and NVIDIA (NVDA) for under $0.12 per share, for example… and by holding core positions in these top-rated stocks as part of a long-term stock investment plan, our subscribers have done very well themselves as the companies have grown and matured over the years.

Of course, because diversification is such a critical component of any investment strategy that hopes to find success over the long-term, Mr. Pile is always on the lookout for great investment opportunities outside these two sectors as well.  In addition, Nate’s Notes is currently involved with a number of commodity-based ETFs as part of Mr. Pile’s long-term strategy for helping his subscribers not only protect but also grow their wealth during these challenging times.

What is especially nice about the newsletter’s approach to investing is that it represents a way for investors from all walks of life to sensibly grow their wealth without all the stress and pressure that comes from trying to trade the markets on a daily basis.


Whether you’re the owner of a successful small business looking for advice on how to further grow the wealth you’ve already created for yourself… a college student who has realized the advantages of “starting early” when it comes to building an investment portfolio… or just an “average investor” trying to rebuild your nest egg after the hit it may have taken during the many financial crises we’ve experienced over the past fifteen years… Nate’s Notes may be the perfect source of investment insights, strategies, and outlooks to help you reach your financial goals.

Written in a concise, easy-to-read style that can be understood by investors on Main Street as well as Wall Street, each month’s issue of Nate’s Notes contains several pages of stock market commentary from Editor Nate Pile, as well as updates on each of the stocks being recommended in the newsletter.

In addition, to help subscribers more easily follow the advice being given in the newsletter, all buy limits and buy/sell orders are clearly spelled out for subscribers in multiple locations throughout the newsletter each month.

Now that you’re here, we hope you’ll take some time to explore the website and learn more about how Nate’s Notes can help you reach your financial goals by taking disciplined, long-term approach to growing your wealth.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!