wagmoreblockWhat is The Wagmore Advisory Letter?

The Wagmore Advisory Letter is a second service we launched in August 2013 in response to requests from some of our long-time Nate’s Notes subscribers who had made a lot of money off of our ideas over the years and wanted us to shift focus a bit “to help them protect that wealth.”

Like Nate’s Notes, The Wagmore Advisory Letter also takes a very long-term approach to stock selection (with the same bias towards biotech and high-tech stocks).

However, unlike Nate’s Notes, which has managed to significantly outperform the market over the years using nothing more than a thoughtfully modified version of the traditional ‘buy and hold’ approach to investing, The Wagmore Advisory Letter takes things one step further by also writing covered calls against its stock positions.


While this approach to investing does mean that subscribers run the risk of missing out on some of the gains they would otherwise experience if our recommended stocks go up “too quickly,” it also allows them to sleep more easily at night due to the fact that covered call writing also reduces downside risk in a portfolio by generating income and smoothing out some of the volatility that is often associated with owning stocks in the fast-moving biotech and high-tech sectors.


In addition, unlike Nate’s Notes, which has tracked its performance over the years using two different “hypothetical” portfolios, The Wagmore Advisory Letter puts its money where its mouth is by executing all trade recommendations in a real-life brokerage account 15-20 minutes after they have been published for subscribers to act on.

This account was initially funded with $15,000, though many of our subscribers are successfully making similar trades in significantly larger accounts by simply “scaling up” their trades by an appropriate multiple (i.e. if they have devoted $60,000 to our ideas, they are buying four times as much stock and writing four times as many calls as we do when following our recommendations).