Nate's Notes newsletterWhat is Nate’s Notes?

Nate’s Notes is a monthly investment newsletter focused on helping individual investors grow their wealth in the stock market via a sensible, long-term approach to investing.

Written in a concise, easy-to-read style that can be understood by investors on Main Street as well as Wall Street, each month’s issue contains several pages of market commentary from Editor Nate Pile, as well as updates on each of the stocks being recommended in the newsletter.

In addition, to help subscribers more easily follow the advice being given in the newsletter, all buy limits and buy/sell orders are clearly spelled out for subscribers in multiple locations throughout the newsletter each month.

Two Portfolios (the Model and Aggressive) are used to track the returns generated by our approach over time, and though it is difficult to hold the top spot 100% of the time, we are very proud of the fact that Nate’s Notes has held the #1 position for one-, five-, ten-, fifteen-, and twenty-year returns at various points in time since began tracking the newsletter’s performance in early 2000.

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History of Nate’s Notes

After working as a biotech analyst during the first several years of his career, Nate Pile launched Nate’s Notes in February 1995 with the goal of providing investment advice to the growing number of individual investors that he recognized were starting to do their own research online rather than relying on the traditional brokerage houses for investment advice.

Though the newsletter’s earliest recommendations were confined to the world of micro- and small-cap stocks, Nate’s Notes has evolved over time and now tends to focus on companies with market capitalizations ranging from a few hundred million dollars up to several hundred billion (including Apple, a stock we recommended for less than $1 per share in 1998… and still own in the Portfolios today!).

And, while Mr. Pile’s background makes biotech and high-tech stocks his favorite types to recommend (not only are they “what he knows best,” they are also two sectors that have historically exhibited above-average growth rates relative to other industries), an effort is always made to find solid investment opportunities outside these sectors as well… and, in recent years, the newsletter has even begun recommending a handful of ETFs to help subscribers manage risk in their portfolios.

To be sure, taking a deliberate, long-term approach to growing your wealth in the stock market probably isn’t anywhere near as exciting as the world of short-term trading can sometimes be, but let’s be honest – is your nest egg meant to be a “thrill ride”… or something a little more serious and practical?

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Top 10 Reasons to Subscribe to Nate’s Notes

1. As the years have rolled by, Nate’s Notes has quietly become one of the top performing newsletters in the industry.  The Hulbert Financial Digest (the de facto standard for independent real performance evaluation of more than 180 investment newsletters) consistently shows Nate’s Notes ranked among the top performing newsletters in the country, periodically giving it very top honors as THE #1 performing newsletter in the country for the time period being discussed.  In addition, Nate’s Notes occasionally appears near the top of Hulbert’s list for “timing only” performance as well… and this ability to both understand which stocks are worth buying AND when to buy (or sell) them is what helps set our newsletter apart from the rest of the industry when it comes to long-term performance.

Rather than relying on the sorts of sensational hype and outlandish marketing claims that seem to be so typical of the investment newsletter industry these days, we hope to earn your business by simply focusing on delivering the best results we can, month in and month out… and we hope you’ll sign-up today to start a mutually-beneficial relationship with us that will last for years (if not decades).

2. Our total satisfaction guarantee.  If at any time during your subscription you would like to cancel, we will promptly send you a pro-rated refund for the unused term. This means you can try Nate’s Notes and see the quality of our work for yourself virtually risk-free. If we don’t deliver for you, simply cancel at any time for a prompt refund of the unused portion of your subscription.

3. Editor Nate Pile is personally in charge of the content found in each issue of Nate’s Notes.  Mr. Pile personally writes the market commentaries, reviews the charts, and provides the educational rationale that support why you should invest in each position. He utilizes a highly refined blend of quantitative and qualitative indicators he has personally developed over his 25 years of following the markets. His insights are the secret of his (and potentially YOUR) success when it comes to outperforming both the market and his competition in the investment newsletter industry as time has gone by.

Mr. Pile is a frequent contributor to,, CNBC, Market Wrap with Moe Ansari (syndicated radio), and The Dick Davis Digest, and his stellar track record has been has been recognized in other publications as well, most notably in a February 2006 article in Barron’san April 2011 article in SmartMoney magazine, and a nice write-up in the December 2014 Special Edition of Forbes magazine.

Nate has been publishing Nate’s Notes since 1995, is a Registered Investment Advisor with The State of California, and had the wonderful experience of teaching mathematics to junior high and high school students for eight years, including two years at the prestigious Sonoma Country Day School.  Nate’s college education included time in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program at UC Berkeley before he wound up with a degree in Mathematics instead.

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4. Nate’s Notes is now celebrating its 20th year of publication.  The past 20 years have seen one of the greatest bull markets in history, a number of choppy and flat markets, and not one but TWO incredibly harsh bear markets that, unfortunately, set most individual investors back several years on their path to retirement. Through it all, Mr. Pile has worked hard to uncover and exploit highly profitable opportunities for his readers… and we believe the newsletter’s track record speaks for itself.

Whether you’re a novice investor just getting started with the market, or an experienced pro looking for additional ideas and input for your own approach to investing, we hope you’ll consider adding Nate’s experience, knowledge, and insight to the tool box you’re using to help grow your nest egg.

5. Even a beginner can easily follow our novice-friendly approach.  We hold your hand ever-so-clearly throughout each issue, with information on:

  • what and when a subscriber should buy and sell,
  • how much they should consider paying for each stock,
  • how many shares the newsletter’s Portfolios are buying or selling,
  • why we think each stock position is a good investment,
  • the names, ticker symbols and closing prices of each stock, and
  • a Portfolio recap that always confirms exactly what is currently held, what has changed in each Portfolio since the last issue, etc.

6. We use a very simple portfolio approach to buying and selling shares based upon our expectations for the long-term profit potential of each stock. You can literally read each new actionable recommendation to your broker (or enter it into your online broker’s website) exactly as it is written in the newsletter.  There are no fancy trading systems to learn, no formulas to memorize, and no special software necessary to duplicate the trades being carried out in the newsletter’s Portfolios.

Nate’s Notes has two Portfolios – one for more conservative investors (the Model Portfolio), and one for more aggressive investors (the Aggressive Portfolio).  Both are based on the same basket of 18-25 stocks, but the Aggressive Portfolio uses margin and usually makes a few more trades each month than the Model Portfolio.

A subscriber only needs to decide which one of the two Portfolios in the newsletter most closely matches their own investment objectives and tolerance for risk, and then commit to gradually building a similar portfolio of stocks as time goes by (and it should be pointed out that, based on their own interest and enthusiasm levels for the companies involved, most subscribers end up building a personal portfolio that is more of a blend of the two Portfolios found in the newsletter anyway).

7. Our exclusive market commentary is delivered straight from Nate to you every month.  Roughly two pages of valuable observations on the markets, niche opportunities, and other important insights available nowhere else on the internet or in print make up a favorite portion of every issue.  Mr. Pile always writes this segment himself, sharing his own views of the market based on nearly two-and-a-half decades of experience in the industry. Given the newsletter’s proven track record, don’t you think you owe it to your nest egg to include these exclusive insights into your own planning every month?  Subscribe Now

8. By following Nate’s ideas and actions over time, you, too, can learn to improve your “investment game.” By following the educational rationale that supports the buy and sell recommendations given in the newsletter, a thoughtful reader cannot help but start to absorb some of the same thought patterns and insights that Nate has used to outperform the market by such a wide margin as time has gone by.

Each issue includes four pages of content focused on sharing Nate’s latest thoughts on each and every position in the Portfolios. You’re never left hanging – instead, you always know why he is staying put, buying more, or selling each stock.  Follow his thoughts long enough, and you’ll absorb the patterns involved in his approach while gaining the ability to recognize similar opportunities yourself… all without having to go through a couple of decades of trial and error refining your own approach.

This is an exceptional feature for someone who wants to learn as they invest while following the recommendations of an established, unbiased pro.

9. Diversified portfolio positions to reduce single stock risk. Many competitors publish newsletters that recommend just a few stocks at any one time.  While the short-term gains posted by these newsletters are admittedly quite impressive when one of their two or three risky bets hits it big, closer scrutiny of short-term gains often reveals that the longer-term performance isn’t anywhere near as good.

In fact, these are actually very high-risk portfolios because a single stock that implodes in a highly concentrated portfolio can undo years (perhaps even a decade?) of hard-earned gains.

That’s why we maintain portfolios of at least 15 different stocks at any one time.  Rather than risk all of your investment dollars in just a few stocks, wouldn’t you rather diversify your account with 15-20 high-performing positions?  Subscribe now to get your nest egg back on track after “the lost decade” many investors have experienced.

10. Subscribers to Nate’s Notes enjoy richer access to  Subscribers to the newsletter enjoy full access to all of the “free” and “registered users-only” features of the website, plus they often receive special “subscriber only” discount offers as well.