The following is a partial collection of testimonials that we have received from subscribers over the years.

I have tried other stock services and always become paralyzed by the fast action. Your newsletter has given me the courage to invest and stay invested. I wish I had found you years ago.

-Marjorie R.

Clearly your results speak for themselves, but I do want to thank you for what you are doing for investors and most significantly, how you do it, with objectivity, humility, and simplicity.

-Don H.

I have been a subscriber to Nates Note’s for over five-years. I have tried many other financial newsletters. Nate’s letter is the most consistent and very easy to follow with outstanding results without the need to make frequent (daily or weekly) trades.

-Vince M.

You provide a great newsletter and your advice is clear, concise and compelling. I learn a lot each month…  

– Peter D.

Nate’s recommendations pretty much always outperform the broader market – regardless of the overall market direction. His commentary makes it easier for me to make decisions about the stock picks and other investment decisions I make. Investing in a Nate’s Notes subscription is a home run from an ROI standpoint…  

– Glen D.

Nate, I really value your opinions, your honesty and the fact that you don’t try to sell me ” stuff ” every day like many others do. I’ve had several wonderful years following your guidance!  

– Chuck N.

Reading your newsletter turns down the everyday noise I see on the business channels.  

– Robert F.

You put out a good product and follow some interesting companies. I started subscribing to you 10 years ago as I’ve owned Celgene since the mid-90’s and you were the first newsletter I saw that followed it. Thanks.  

– S. M.

I took a lot of ribbing from a buddy last year about the article in SmartMoney magazine where you are pictured in your ‘office’ that doubles as the laundry room. He stopped laughing when I showed him my Nate watchlist. It showed high five figures in realized gains over the previous four years and solid positions in AAPL and CELG along with others.

– Reid G.

In general – thanks – I’ve never followed a newsletter for as long as yours – it has really paid off through all the ups and downs of the market. You are a good guy, conscientious and earnest – ok – a little quirky – but funny and smart in the way that counts and people can understand.  

– Sandra C.

I have been a subscriber since the Ag/Biotech newsletter and this is the only advisory letter I have not cancelled or failed to renew faithfully. There have been many over the years!  

– Benjamin P.

I love the fact that even if I am up in the middle of the night reviewing and researching my portfolio, I can reach out to Nate and surprisingly, sometimes he gets right back to me.  

– Chris S.

I like what you do. It is well worth the cost. Keep it up.  

– Orren B.

Notes Notes is straight forward advice. Good background information is given for each stock recommended.  

– Dennis M.

Wish I had started following Nates Notes back when we met in the early 90s. I would be much better off than I am now, I’m sure!  

– Scott S.

When I read Nates Notes, I truly feel that Nate really cares about his subscribers… He shows a confidence about what he has picked to be in his portfolio.  

– Jason M.

I appreciate Nate’s email communication. Responses to my questions are always prompt and meaningful.  

– Terry M.